API Key Resource

You can generate two API keys when you have created an account. Verified accounts can create up to five different API keys. API Keys should always be in the header of your request, see API Keys Reference.
You can always get information about any API key using the following API request.

Get API Key


Gives information about a given api key.

Example API Key Result

    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "message": "This API key has been found."
    "apikey": {
        "apiKey": "WoMbdCxdsMaIBNyGC9XM1rWurqcCxA9d",
        "key_alias": "Spacelab Studio API key.",
        "permission_level": "3",
        "max_usage": "50",
        "current_usage": "23",
        "reset_date": "2021-10-16 05:54:43"